Utgiven: ännu ej utgiven på platta

On the roads, around the planet
people act for the environment,
with a message, to the leaders:
“Act now – your will to change are relevant!”

It all started, by the young girl,
who sat on strike before the parliament.
In order to send a signal:
“Act now – or what else are your arguments?”

Her achievement went global,
to every continent on earth.
The young folks, they all wonder,
and says;
“Leaders – what’s the future really worth?”

And a few says “ It doesn’t matter,
the sun is shining and the sky is blue.”
But to all you climate deniers,
I say:
“Act now – broaden your point of view”

On the roads, around he planet,
people do what they have to do!
Side by side, for the climate
they say’s:
“Leaders – our eyes are upon you!”
”Act now – our eyes are upon you!”

Text & musik: Simon Ahlström